Eugene Kong

畢業於澳門理工學院綜合設計學士學位。大學期間兼職於澳門演藝學院負責設計排版工作;並獲邀為聖心中文中學舊生會設計會徽。2009年於澳門藝術博物館設計組實習,參與展覽設計等工作。現職【澳門佳作】設計公司平面設計主管,負責平面、產品及展覽等設計工作。作品《紫氣東來》利是封獲得香港智營禮品設計大賞2014節日禮品類別銀奬及評審大奬、2014金點設計獎;得奬作品獲邀到香港、台灣、重慶、日本G-Mark設計展及德國Ambiente Frankfurt 2015作巡迴展覽。

Eugene Chi-Ian Kong completed her Bachelor’s Degree in the major of Design at Macao Polytechnic Institute. During the course of her enrollment, she worked part-time in design at the Macao Conservatory and designed the logo for the alumni association of her secondary school. In 2009, she received an internship at the Macao Museum of Art. She is currently working for Macau Creations as the Graphic Design Supervisor with responsibilities such as graphic, product and exhibition design. Her gift design “ Auspicious Red Pockets” have graciously accepted the HK Smart Gift Design Award 2014 Silver Award and the Judge Award.